Today has just flown by…I looked down at the clock at 9 and now suddenly it is 2:10 and I haven’t done much of anything today besides halfway doing some laundry.

So glad that I’m not at work today, but tomorrow is not going to be fun. We have a huge number of homeless people who come in and use our facilities and generally, it is fine. They are mostly quiet people who just want to clean up a bit, get a little warm, and maybe sit for a few moments out of the wind.

However, a few do drugs in our bathroom, others hit on me and the other women, and some fall asleep or eat in our area. I do not look forward to having to call our security people to help us out tomorrow.

I still need to apply for new jobs, finish the laundry, put clothes away, sweep the bedroom, go through my clothes and toss stuff, and make dinner.

Anyone know a replacement for cream cheese? I sooo want to make cinnamon rolls but all the good looking recipes have cream cheese in the frosting.

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