Monthly Archives: March 2009

Spring in New England

Signs that spring must be nearby:
* A man eating a popsicle was wandering around in Eastie
* A car (also in Eastie) was seen with a surfboard on top of it
* The police are out in force
* The boy has decided its time for ales and not stouts
* Robin shell blue skies

Summer Plans

With the taste of spring around the corner, I have begun planning my summer trips…not that I’ll get to all of them, but it can’t hurt to plan, right?


Places to go:
Acadia National Park
Cape Cod
Boston Harbor Islands

If I can get those 7 mountains done, then I’ll be at 24 out of 48 and halfway through the 4,000 footer list. Should only take another 2 years or so to get the rest done. Ha!


This was totally not what I wanted to come home to yesterday after a trying day at work. Got off of the subway and saw some police cars and activity by our house…and then saw the boy with my camera. Turns out, someone was driving so fast down the opposite side of the street that when they lost control and hit the concrete planter, they had enough force to push it. And push it they did…across 2 lanes of traffic and into our car. After hitting, it bounced back about 4 inches.

Thankfully, the police responded quickly and the firemen up the street came running without hesitation. I love living near them. The bumper is a bit off of the car and there is a dent, but thank god no one was really hurt.

My creation

Brewing Beer

The boy has decided to get a bit more serious about this whole brewing beer thing, so much so that we are now the proud owners of two very large buckets and a hydrometer. It is all very exciting.

Last night, we capped 42 bottles of a Boston Ale Clone that has been stewing under my sink for the last week and a half or so. It was quite a process.

BottlesThe beer smelt a lot more like the real thing this time, as opposed to when we made a Pale Ale with a Mr. Beer kit. It also looked a lot more like the beer I’m used to seeing. Darker, smellier…and the yeast at the bottom was even grosser. Green, yuck.


Now, we wait at least 2 weeks if not 4 and hope that we didn’t add any ugly contamination into the process. I doubt we did, but apparently yeasts are tricky things.  Next on the list of things to brew is hard cider! I don’t drink beer, prefer the sweetness of cider…so we just have to find someplace that has cider since we have all the rest of the important ingredients already.

  1. Our cable got fixed with a call to Comcast, they had to do something with the hard drive there
  2. Planning on going skiing again next Saturday. Not sure how that is going to go, but its supposed to get colder again
  3. I really want to go to Ireland right now. Or anywhere else, but Ireland is always top on my list for places to run away to. Scotland suited me just fine and I’m thinking Ireland would fit the bill.
  4. On the other hand, I’m trying to arrange housing in Southwest Harbor, ME so that I can finally see Acadia. And maybe get to see a puffin in the wild! Or whales! Or any number of animals that roam that area of Maine.
  5. There is no 5
  6. Is it spring yet? 😦

So Not Comcastic

I swear my TV is going to give me a seizure or something with all the “Channel Unavailable” crap that is going on right now. This is what I pay you an ungodly amount of money for each month? If I didn’t love certain shows that don’t play online, I would so ditch you…but keep the internet. I hate pirating that.

I can only hope that this settles down before the boy has to call the offices. He is raring to yell at someone and I pity the person on the other end of the phone.


So, sometimes I really suck at writing posts…mostly because my life has been so up in the air in the last few weeks.

Already halfway through the semester, which is both nice and terrifying since that means I have final papers and exams coming up in 2 months. The classes are mostly easy, but boring this semester…I’ve taken to doing Sudoku puzzles in my Tuesday night class.

Family life has been a shambles. My Dad went back into the hospital 14 days ago with a high fever which hit 104 degrees. He’s finally getting out right now and will be going back for regular blood counts on Friday. We are all going to be getting tested for a bone marrow transplant in the next few weeks to see if we match up.

I’ve also started throwing out a ton of crap from our apartment. We have so much that we don’t use at all…bags, movies, household items, craft stuff. I just want it out of my house. Tomorrow, I’m going to go drop it all off at the Salvation Army. The house looks so much better already; now if I could only find our new shower curtain.

We also went to Toronto to go see the Hockey Hall of Fame and then stopped off at Niagara Falls on the way home. They were both awesome, as was the city…and we plan on going back when the Falls aren’t as frozen.

Now, I’m trying to slog through a mountain of laundry and dishes to get the house cleaner so that when our landlord comes in to fix the two burnt out lights, we don’t look like slobs.