Has anyone in the downtown area recently experienced a larger than normal influx of rats to their buildings?

Since last April, we have been visited by rats of all shapes and sizes. Some are large, others tinier. But all are Boston city rats. Grey, fat, fast city rats. Oh, and they are all weighing in at around 2 pounds.

For some odd reason, I seem to be the only one who sees them. They like to play on our stairs, running up and down in front of people or when no one is there. One time, I saw one come down the stairs so quickly, he flipped tail over nose. It was quite funny to me, though no one else seemed to be amused.

We have killed 21. In our research, we have discovered that they like chocolate over the bait that people generally put out and so to trap this latest one, we have put out Newman’s oreos. I can only hope that this most recent one goes the way of his friends before he gets to make babies. Yuck.

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