Daily Archives: June 3, 2009

A Day Spent

It wasn’t a great day, but it also wasn’t horrible.

Started out with me seeing Matt Lauer on TV and then Natalie Morales in front of Faneuil Hall.

Then, a trip to Dorchester Heights to wait for a group that never showed up because of the flu.

While there, I found an egg with something still inside 😦

Then off to the Public Garden where I saw some birds attacking and eating a sparrow, yuck! And I think I saw a baby duck dying. He let me get real close, the mallards that were around him kept biting at him, he was shivering and not making any noise…it was slightly worrisome and sad.


And I ended my day in the Granary Burial Ground watching a squirrel nibble upon something on top of a gravestone.

So, not too bad a day. Got some sun, took some pictures…and didn’t get rained on.