New Bedford National Park

I’m sure by now that everyone has heard something about the Ken Burns/Dayton Duncan documentary: “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea”. It is really big here in the Northeast because KB lives in New Hampshire and has been doing a lot of promoting in the area. But also because there are a lot more parks in the Massachusetts area than people know of. They can all be seen here.

Today, I got down to a park that I have never been to before: New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park located in New Bedford, MA. While Boston’s tagline is “Cradle of Liberty”, New Bedford’s is “The City that Lit the World” and can be seen through the various historic structures from their fishing and whaling industry that still exist today.

Visitors can walk through the Visitor Center, the Seaman’s Bethel, and around a few historic buildings (the Customs House looked lovely) as well as go into the New Bedford Whaling Museum for a fee ($10 for adults). The museum was really the draw of going there because they have all these skeletons and tools and history of the whaling industry in New England, as well as some items from Alaska.

It is totally worth a visit to NEBE…especially since it is one of the National Parks in Massachusetts that is opened year round.
Trip to New Bedford

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  1. i like your article about john muir, although there is one minor error that i thought you might like to know about. he had nothing to do with yellowstone, but he is associated with Yosemite though. that’s were the picture that you have of him is from, glacier point, Yosemite valley.

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