Product Review: Utilitech 1/6 HP Utility Pump

This past weekend, I had the unfortunate pleasure of using a utility pump to get water out of my basement.  It was a good pump, but did not come with any instructions or trouble shooting so I was mostly wandering around blindly while inches of water came in through my basement. I thought it might help some people if I wrote about how to use it.

  • The shorter the hose the better. I originally had 100 feet of hose attached to the pump, but that was way too long. I bought it that long so that I could run the hose out of the basement to the front, but my father pointed out that I could get a shorter hose and put it through the drain for the washing machine. Since the power cord was 10 feet long, I bought the shortest hose I could get (15 feet)/
  • Sometimes the pump would not spin. This was because of silt that had gotten into the mechanism.  By drilling the screws out and wiping each part down, I was able to get most of the silt out. Always make sure that the pump is turned off when you do that and try it out before you put the screws back in.
  • Sometimes that even doesn’t work. The only way I figured out how to make the pump start working was to turn it out, put it on the floor, and then unscrew the hose until it started taking in water. Then you have to move very fast, angle the pump on its side and screw the hose back on. This way, it will start taking water up and through the hose.
  • Make sure to give it time to cool down. It has a little engine and it is doing a lot of work, so put it in a cool place.
  • Clean it completely after you are done with it.

Hopefully I won’t have to use this again anytime soon. However, we need to get a few contractors out to fix things in the house and yard.

I bought my pump at Lowes. It was located in the back behind the fridge/sink/toilet display against the back wall.

4 thoughts on “Product Review: Utilitech 1/6 HP Utility Pump

  1. I am currently pumping inches and inches out of my basement in Rhode Island as well. The pump is OK but it does stop working now and then, also I wish it sat a little closer to the ground. I currently have two utility pumps, a sump pump and a wet dry vac going in my basement…and there are supposedly two more days of rain…..this is awful.

    1. Yeah, I think the little engine gets overheated and needs to sit and rest for a while. It can create a lot of heat. I’m lucky in that I only have one utility pump, but we are contemplating putting a sump pump in. Hopefully that wouldn’t devalue our house. The shop vac will be used next to suck up all the dirt that has washed in under the door.

      I cannot wait for the weekend and the nice temperatures coming our way. Good luck with your basement!!

  2. I bought this pump from Lowes to drain water that accumulates in my back yard. Unfortunately this pump seems to overheat fairly quickly and stops working until it cools down. Perhaps it works well for very small jobs, but for any semi-substantial job it’s not much good. Pay a little more and get a larger and better pump.

  3. O.K. after some tinkering I figured out what makes this pump most effective, which they neglect to tell you in the directions. The pump works the best when it is fully submerged in water, and I’m guessing it’s because the surrounding water helps to cool the motor so it does not overheat and shut off. I had to submerge the pump on its side to keep it from overheating and shutting off every 15 minutes or so. Would be nice if they put something in the directions about this.

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