Daily Archives: August 25, 2010

Since we last saw our intrepid heroine…

So, I am horrible at updating…I can’t access this site at work and I’ve been trying to be a good employee so that I can do this job for the rest of my life, if I choose…and that happened. So now, I don’t have to be as awesome as I was this summer 🙂

Here is what I’ve been doing since I last updated:
In May:

I tried to grow sunflowers…this failed epically. Mostly because there were about a million of them in a tiny pot. 3 of these plants are still alive and one just got a bud on it. How sad am I as a gardener?


I also graduated!
In June:

I went on a 10 day trip to Ireland. I enjoyed most of it, but I was sick for quite a lot of it so that sucked. I might go again just to see if the country and I are more in synch with each other when I’m not coughing myself to sleep.

In July:


I had prime seats for the reading of the Declaration of Independence off of the balcony of the Old State House. It was ok…I always forget how long that document really is, you never hear anything past the first paragraph or two.

I also went on a tour of State Street, which included the Custom House building. Gorgeous! Need to go up to their viewing area…totally worth the 3 bucks.


The next day, I went up to Beverly to try out some awesome cameras and come up with images like this.


And, I made it up and down Mt. Washington for the 7th time!

I went on a whale watch out of Gloucester…it was awesome. We saw 30 whales and had a great time!

Looking back, I realize that I did a lot of cool stuff this summer even if I didn’t think it at the time. I’m going to have to keep up the streak…I want to go find tide pools AND maybe a visit to the national parks of VT and NH if I’m ambitious!