Not being a beach girl, I didn’t think that I would enjoy Hawaii as much as other people.  What I didn’t realize is that Hawaii is awesome.

From the multiple black sand beaches to others with hot as lava when you walk across it sand to the one just steps outside of our hotel room, they were all awesome.  We saw fish, all kinds of weird birds, and multiple green sea turtles.

Of course, I did get a humongous burn the very first full day we were there. Oops…but my husband got it worse with blisters forming on his. 

Everything else on HI was awesome. It is a strange state…saw a feral donkey and goat hanging out together, chickens were everywhere in Kauai, signs for watching for cracks in the road. Just awesome.


Photos under the cut.

10599644_858448191193_8375187323635004720_n 7348_858630101643_3710028599338411083_n 16696_858435531563_8466937844680609793_n 1610794_858432572493_7760851293386656348_n 10345839_858629537773_3261920375910449253_n 10429256_858449673223_5426274628942020176_n 10527462_858448530513_1516422226884866518_n 10559718_858579637773_1615099843060267047_n 10577109_858449573423_2098283035449292168_n



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