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The Weather

Most of my job involves me talking to visitors from around the world, trying to help them understand Boston and getting around. The other day, we had about 300 people come in and I swear, most of them complained about the weather.

Now, this was Tuesday…so it was in the 40s and a bit windy, but nothing horrible. The sun was shining, no rain or snow. And it just started to get on my nerves.

So, the boy comes to pick me up from work and we go over to Kinkos to photocopy some papers, bitching about work while there and then start the walk back. Just before we got into Government Center, I exclaimed “Its just weather, people! Suck it up!!”

And I guess I said it louder than I meant…because two guys (who looked like construction workers) busted out laughing.

At least I was able to amuse someone that day.

Oh, and I saw a woman with mittens, a scarf, and winter hat on yesterday. When it was 60. So glad today is my Saturday.


This is awesome! “Click, Clack, Moo” is an excellent book. My nephew adored it when he was smaller and then we got “Duck For President”, which is another excellent book.

I think kids sometimes get the better books, which is why we all loved reading Harry Potter and the Twilight series is so popular right now. I have a great set of books written by a woman named LJ Smith…while she hasn’t finished the last series (in about 3 years!), I’m still hopeful that she will and we’ll get some type of conclusion for all those vampires, witches, and shapeshifters.