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The View from Eastie


Well, our little party was a success…only 1 car got lost and ended up by the airport. They were also the car that had a person slightly freak out when they went through the tunnels under the harbor and who asked every few minutes “Is that an airplane?!”

Too bad about the Patriots, though. The Jets suck.


Picture 016

I really wish I could go hiking up along the ridgeline right now. Just get away from all this crap here and go out to the mountain where all that matters is putting one step in front of the other fast enough to get a good bunk at the hut and a seat at the dinner table. Preferably near the bread, since that is one of the best parts about the AMC huts.

It is actually one of my goals in life to own one of these signs. Each year, the Appalachian Mountain Club has an auction of “gently worn” signs as a fundraiser. I found out about it too late last year, but this year I am ready! I only hope that one of the signs will be for a trail that I’ve gone up. It isn’t a requirement, but it would be cool. However, if I can get a sign that is of a trail I’ve never been on, then I think a trip in the spring is necessary.

Reality TV as Medicine…

I am sick…my boyfriend teaches 7th and 8th grade and one of his kids got him sick this week. And I finally have succumb to the ickness.

I generally don’t take pills because they knock me out completely, even if they say non-drowsy. My medicine of choice is usually chocolate chip cookies. With liberal doses of Law and Order and reality shows.

Today has been filled with ANTM and Chinese food 🙂 We’ll see if I feel well enough to go to work tomorrow.