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Last week, just in time for the cold weather of this week, we were able to get our asbestos covered hot oil heater from possibly the 1920s removed and replaced with an energy star gas heat system. This took many many many phone calls and discussion amongst different groups of people.

One of the biggest drawbacks that we could come up with of doing this type of conversion is the cost. However, it was a lot less than what we thought it was to get the asbestos out, as well as the oil tank and oil in the tank.

Snowman Replacement

We used two different companies to take care of this job over two days. The asbestos removal took from 7 AM to about 2 PM and made the heater go from white to black as shown in the 2nd picture. Thankfully the weather held up and stayed in the 60s since we had no heat.

The next day at 7AM the gas guys came in very pleased with the condition of the heater. Loud banging, drilling, and thumping commenced for hours later and when I left for my parent’s house at 5, the electrician was still working. He did not leave until about 6 or 6:30. The result of that was the third picture: an energy efficient gas heater that takes up about 80% less space and will not leave oil puddles or cause us to need to contact Jim Sokolove.

The heat has been working fairly well…we still need to find our programmable thermostat so we can be more accurate in our heating levels. Only a few more major projects to do on the house for now…painting two rooms and possibly the hallway, putting up new molding in the kitchen, and then figuring out what to do in the deck area.

House updating

Now, I knew when we bought this house that there would be a lot of time spent fixing things. But I didn’t really realize that it would take so much work. And it still isn’t done yet!! There is always something to do and something to buy.

The Office Before
The Office Before
The Inbetween
The Office Inbetween

So this is our office. It went from being a boring light blue like the other rooms in the house into a nice light yellow squash. There is still some touching up to do but it is much nicer than before and has our desks set up just in time for school to start up again.

Bedroom After
Bedroom After
Bedroom Before
Bedroom Before

The bedroom has been changed a lot, as well. Before it was a bland green color and the furniture they had in there was huge! We changed the paint to a “mellow mauve”, really a nice purple color and will be putting in a much smaller fan. This one feels like its going to take someone’s head off. That room is mostly done except for the fan, which is a small job that can be taken care of easily.

Now we just have to get moving on removing the asbestos covered hot oil heater in the basement. Its going to be easier than I thought, which is nice since we don’t have a ton of money to toss around on something like this.