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New York, New York

23 hours…that is how much time I just recently spent in New York City with the sole intent of getting myself into a taping of The Colbert Report. I had been to a taping of The Daily Show earlier this year and had jumped on tickets for TCR when I saw them available. Unfortunately, my boyfriend couldn’t go because of work training so one of my co-workers came with me.

The show was fabulous. Stephen is a sweet guy and extremely funny. The people running the show were mostly good to great. The only problem was that I didn’t have enough time to go see all the other stuff I wanted to see! Always a problem.

A picture of the stage set… I got yelled at for taking this photo by one of the security guys, but I love it anyways:


Can anyone figure out what the middle part of this graffiti is? I think it could be a spaceship or perhaps a mutant lobster?




The trip to New York was successful for many reasons, but the most important one is that we were able to go to a taping of the Daily Show.  Jon was funny in the pre-show question/answer period and he was really cute when a section was over and congratulated the kid who was playing Samantha Bee’s kid.  I just wish we had a better guest! Oh well…

We also went to the American Museum of Natural History, Central Park, the Strand bookstore, an independent bookstore that was catergorized by country, and a whole lot of blocks. I think we walked about 10 miles one day because we went up to 82nd from 29th and then down to 11th and back to 29th. My feet were dead tired.

Either way, we are going back for a taping of the Colbert Report in June so I cannot wait for that!