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War of 1812 Dress…

So, I’m not entirely happy with how it came out, but I loved the fabric. It is brown with a raised line pattern going throughout and is subtle, but pretty. While making this dress, I had to really futz around with the scoop in the front since I had cut it too big and didn’t realize that until too late.


I believe I have enough fabric to make another attempt, which I might start today. I’m home sick so I need something to do with myself AND there are more 1812 events to go to this year. I definitely need to make a new hat. The one I have has blue ribbons and is a bit too big in the brim for my tiny head 🙂

What I’m doing right now…

  1. Updating my resume…eventually this sequester has to end and I might be able to find the park of my dreams! Or at least a good new position somewhere!
  2. Making a baby quilt for my friend, Jen, and her first baby 🙂
  3. Planning a trip to the MFA to see my quilt piece on display
  4. Trying to figure out what to do for my 18th century dress this year. And SHOES!
  5. Indexing 1916 Mass Vital Records for Family Search

Challenge 0

So, I’m starting at the beginning with something that was finished before the December 31st due date. I made this outfit for “The Destruction of the Tea” or the Boston Tea Party at the Old South Meeting House. It was a bear! Got it done, though 🙂


The Challenge: Starting Simple?

Fabric: Linen Like in Picante from Jo-Anns (washable linen!)

Pattern: JP Ryan’s Robe a l’Anglaise

Year: 1773 ish

Notions: 3 hook and eyes

How historically accurate is it? Fairly. Women would probably be wearing this outfit made out of fabric with a pattern on it.

Hours to complete: Too many to count, haha

First worn: December 16th, 2012

Total cost:  Maybe $60 in materials?


So, try as I might…I cannot read a pattern to save my life. I generally end up tap dancing my way through the pattern pieces because they aren’t as explicit as I would like them.  The photos/drawings usually suck, too.  I have most of the Regency dress finished. HOWEVER, that does not mean that I did it correctly! haha.


ImageSo this is supposed to be my bodice. I cut it about two sizes too big, because the pattern said to do so! haha…so I had to get my mom to help me and show me how to put in darts.  The darts are now up at the shoulders so they aren’t too obvious. There is also supposed to be a cord going through the bodice where it meets the skirt, but I totally didn’t get that and didn’t do it. I think the back will be held together with hook and eyes.

The skirt is easier…just have to figure out how to attach them to each other and then to the bodice. Hmm…and then its onto my hat!

Toiling away

Not really, but still working on the 1812 dress. I have everything (I think) cut out and the two skirts (the outer and the lining) are sewn up. Now I have to start the scary part…putting the skirts together properly.

This is usually where I start getting mixed up and annoyed because I don’t think pattern makers have any idea how to communicate with beginner or novice sewers.

Pictures will be posted tomorrow. I need to figure out how to do the bodice. Attaching the side bodice to the back bodice is not easily displayed in the instructions.


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