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Ass-hattery at its finest

You know, John…I liked you at one point. I am a Massachusetts born, sometimes catching on fire, liberal. My parents are liberal…my grandparents are liberal (they proudly paid their taxes to support the local schools even though they have no children in the system anymore and never sent their children to a public school. Its just what you do.)

But, AIR QUOTATIONS about my health? You, sir, are an ass hat at best. What if your daughters needed to have an abortion because delivering would kill them? What would you do then? Would you, like your running mate, “counsel life”? Because if you do, I feel like moving to Canada. They have cute accents, funny money, and good chocolate. You, have no freakin clue.

Sarah Palin

I have no idea how any thinking woman could vote for Sarah Palin. She was asked point blank by Katie Couric in a laugh of an interview whether she would take away the right to an abortion from a teenage incest victim and stated “I would consul life”.

Uh huh…and somehow your daughter gets to “choose” to have her kid?

What an idiot. Just remember folks, a heartbeat away!