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Sail away, sail away, kerplunk

So, today, the boy and I went sailing on the Charles. He has a membership there and we tried to go out the other day, but there were whitecaps and I don’t like sailing when the chances of me falling in the drink are elevated.  We decided today was a lovely day to go, though, and set off on our adventure.

The sailing itself was nice. Not too many other boats out since it was overcast, but there was still a good breeze. I was taking pictures with my camera and got a bunch of good ones of the Boy and the scenery and he got a good one of me.

When coming in to dock, however, I had a job to do. I was supposed to reach out, grab the dock, and jump out while holding a line to hold the boat against the dock. The first part went fine, even the second part went fine. However, when I leaned out to get out of the boat under the boom, my camera fell from its ultra-safe hiding place of inside my life jacket and fell 5 feet to the bottom of the Charles River.

So angry at myself…I came within a half inch of grabbing it from the water, but those things sink quick! I feel really bad for polluting the waters of the Charles, but I feel really angry that my camera that I was going to use next weekend is gone and stupid that I didn’t keep a better hold on it. Also, it had my larger memory card in it so that is annoying as well.

I have been meaning to get a new small camera, but do not relish looking for a new one. And I doubt a new one will come in the mail before next Friday. But who knows, maybe I’ve paid my dues to Murphy this week?


This was totally not what I wanted to come home to yesterday after a trying day at work. Got off of the subway and saw some police cars and activity by our house…and then saw the boy with my camera. Turns out, someone was driving so fast down the opposite side of the street that when they lost control and hit the concrete planter, they had enough force to push it. And push it they did…across 2 lanes of traffic and into our car. After hitting, it bounced back about 4 inches.

Thankfully, the police responded quickly and the firemen up the street came running without hesitation. I love living near them. The bumper is a bit off of the car and there is a dent, but thank god no one was really hurt.

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