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Hallow’s Eve Eve

If I had to go back and start anew with religion, I would probably pick to be a pagan. I was born and raised Roman Catholic and never felt a strong connection with the religion. At one point, I was co-chair of our Youth Group and then was drummed out by the adult leader because we had a disagreement. It was all very odd. I did and have felt a spiritual connection at times, though, while being a Catholic…one time a guided meditation lead me to a place that was very profound for me, but these experiences were few and far between.

Upon entering college, I met a young woman named Nicki who was a practicing Wiccan and she invited me to her handfasting. It was quite a ceremony in which we were given the cord that would bind her hands with her husbands so that we could each bless it with our good thoughts and wishes. We later went to Samhain with the same group and returned a few different times, participating in the ritual each time. It was a huge change from the religion I grew up with…people were actually responding with feeling and there was movement that didn’t involve kneeling and standing and sitting and kneeling and sitting and kneeling and standing. It was quite lovely, actually.

Maybe I will light some candles tomorrow…can’t hurt, can it?