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Comcast sucks again…

Has anyone else been unable to get anywhere with their internet? My computer says that I have a strong signal and then won’t load up any internet pages. This is getting ridiculous, I haven’t been able to use my own network for about 2 days now and have been “borrowing” from an unsecured signal.


Updated: So perhaps the service to our router sucks, but the people on the phone were nice. Got it fixed in 10 minutes after calling in.  Yeah for good workers!

So Not Comcastic

I swear my TV is going to give me a seizure or something with all the “Channel Unavailable” crap that is going on right now. This is what I pay you an ungodly amount of money for each month? If I didn’t love certain shows that don’t play online, I would so ditch you…but keep the internet. I hate pirating that.

I can only hope that this settles down before the boy has to call the offices. He is raring to yell at someone and I pity the person on the other end of the phone.