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Ghost Town

So, I haven’t been updating here at all lately. This is because of a few things…
* I am taking 2 classes at school, one which meets twice a week for 3 hours and the other meets from 9 till 4. Takes an hour to get there, an hour to get back. Huge time suck.
* I am in the process of trying to buy a home. This is incredibly stressful as part of the basement has a huge asbestos covered oil heater. Arg! And the deck is pulling off of the house.
* Working 3 days a week and getting projects piled on top of me. This is a good thing, but means a lot of work…
* Just plain depression.

So, I will try to be better…I saw an awesome video that anyone interested in preservation should take a gander at and a bunch of cool pictures to come of some archaeology. For now, I shall leave you a picture from somewhere in Boston…

I thought that left when I was 4?
I thought that left when I was 4?


Yesterday, I was feeling very low. Visited my dad in the hospital and then went home and got into bed for an hour with intermittent crying. Not good at all. So, we went in for the Pumpkin Festival. I thought it would be at the Common because it was there many years ago when we first went. However, they moved it to City Hall Plaza instead and, luckily, I remembered that it had moved.

I also remembered to bring my tripod because I have a tendancy to shake and lean when taking pictures that need absolute stillness. Its a rather annoying thing, but I guess that is what you have to deal with sometimes.

This was exactly the outing I needed, though, as I was able to just wander around and take pictures of jack o lanterns and marvel at the carving skills of some people. I have no idea how they do it…I can’t even draw a straight line sometimes 🙂


In the next few weeks, I’ll hopefully be able to grab onto moments like these to help drag me out of my depression and into a better mood. That is the only way I’ll stay healthy and be able to be of any help to my family.