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The Ocean

One of my favorite Dar Williams songs is “The Ocean”…it seemed especially relevant to me when we moved near Belle Isle Marsh and the Harbor. While I adore mountains, the ocean has always been a constant in some way throughout my life. We’ve been going to Cape Cod for over 25 years now, one of my first memories is getting bitten by a crab while splashing into the Atlantic Ocean…and every time I go over the Sagamore bridge, I visibly relax.

Now, living near the water, I’ve begun to appreciate other things. Today, the most important was that there was almost no ice to navigate while getting to the car. It stayed warm enough here, probably because of the ocean, to not hard freeze everywhere. There is literally no ice in front of my house…nor is there any salt melt put down. I love it.

I also love the fact that on some nights, foggy ones especially, I can smell the ocean at our house. There is nothing like going out onto your back porch with a drink and some good conversation, smelling the ocean and watching planes fly over your house.

Unfortunately, I do not have time to go walk by the water today 😦 Our teacher gave us 3 chapters of reading! 3! In the first week! Geez 🙂 and I have to clean up the house. Its amazing how much dirt gets tracked in with boots.

Things I love about Eastie

  1. The commute to work and school is so much better than Medford. I love not taking the bus.
  2. Massport windows are among the best inventions in the world. They keep out the noise, the cold, and don’t shake nearly as bad as other windows.
  3. Belle Isle Marsh is gorgeous and changes nearly every day
  4. Coming home to the smell of the ocean puts me in a better mood every time
  5. Its warmer in the winter and colder in the summer than downtown.
  6. Our landlord lives in our house, the house that he grew up in, and is a wiz at being McGyver
  7. Watching planes take off and land through the window or when walking around or at the beach is fascinating
  8. Great food at Italian, Colombian, and Mexican places all nearby. Still have to try the Peruvian.
  9. The weird collection of stores nearby amuses me everytime I see them.