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Challenge 0

So, I’m starting at the beginning with something that was finished before the December 31st due date. I made this outfit for “The Destruction of the Tea” or the Boston Tea Party at the Old South Meeting House. It was a bear! Got it done, though 🙂


The Challenge: Starting Simple?

Fabric: Linen Like in Picante from Jo-Anns (washable linen!)

Pattern: JP Ryan’s Robe a l’Anglaise

Year: 1773 ish

Notions: 3 hook and eyes

How historically accurate is it? Fairly. Women would probably be wearing this outfit made out of fabric with a pattern on it.

Hours to complete: Too many to count, haha

First worn: December 16th, 2012

Total cost:  Maybe $60 in materials?


So, I had planned on getting this blog back up and running with my entries in the Historical Sew Fortnightly. And then I got sick. I couldn’t even make chocolate chip cookies properly last night and my typing right now is horrific!

However, I have planned out a few things that I will be doing for all the different challenges:

  1. Bi/Tri/Quadri...: I will be remaking the dress I did this summer so that it actually comes out properly for the War of 1812. Will have to change it a smidge to fit 1813, but not much.
  2. UFO: I actually do not have a UFO, so I think I might try to make a little something like an 18th century pocket.
  3. Under it all: Already finished my stays, so I think bloomers are next! Or a chemise.
  4. Embellish: I will embroider my pocket that I made in challenge 2!
  5. Peasants & Pioneers: Maybe the beginnings of my Abolition dress?
  6. Stripes: No idea yet…stripes are hard!
  7. Accessorize: maybe bags for my outfits to hide my camera in? Hmm…