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Can it be a Bucket List if there is only one thing on it?

I love lists…but I have problems making a bucket list or a 101 things I’ll do next year or whatever. I always get distracted from completing the list. Maybe the 1st thing on it should be “Finish the list.”

Either way, I came up with something that I want to learn…the moon was gorgeous last night on my 60 degree (what? crazy) walk home from work. I stopped a few times to take photos and they all came out crappy. Kinda like this one:

ImageWhen really, I want to take photos more like this one:

ImageI have a Canon TI3 Rebel, a telescope, and the desire…now I just need to sign up for a class since I think this is something that needs some hands-on instruction since I don’t know how to use said telescope and am still new to the camera after a year. Haven’t had a lot of time to take it out for a spin…and Santa might just have to bring a new lens 🙂


Photos taken from MorgueFile