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New Beginnings

They say that it takes two weeks of doing something every day to make it a habit. Obviously, I have not been very successful at creating a few new habits in regards to writing or posting. Whoops!

I have vague resolutions for this year, only because I know that they often get forgotten or just fail.

  1. Enjoy hiking the Grand Canyon
  2. Finish up my kitchen
  3. Take more photos
  4. Apply for a higher job position
  5. Get more kudos for my current position

There are others…but this is a good start.

New Year’s Eve

MemoryI will not be unhappy when the clock changes from 11:59 to 12:00 tonight. 2008 has sucked completely for me, with a few brightish spots.

On the plus side, the boy and I moved in together, I started school, quit a job that I hated, got some good grades, met some new people, and made my current friendships stronger.

On the negative, my grandfather died, Eric’s grandmother died, his mother got diagnosed with a brain tumor that was taken down to MS of the brain, my sister had a miscarriage, and my father was diagnosed with leukemia.

So, 2009 will be a nice change for us.

Happy New Year!