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Can it be a Bucket List if there is only one thing on it?

I love lists…but I have problems making a bucket list or a 101 things I’ll do next year or whatever. I always get distracted from completing the list. Maybe the 1st thing on it should be “Finish the list.”

Either way, I came up with something that I want to learn…the moon was gorgeous last night on my 60 degree (what? crazy) walk home from work. I stopped a few times to take photos and they all came out crappy. Kinda like this one:

ImageWhen really, I want to take photos more like this one:

ImageI have a Canon TI3 Rebel, a telescope, and the desire…now I just need to sign up for a class since I think this is something that needs some hands-on instruction since I don’t know how to use said telescope and am still new to the camera after a year. Haven’t had a lot of time to take it out for a spin…and Santa might just have to bring a new lens 🙂


Photos taken from MorgueFile

Wedding Advice…

Yeah yeah, everyone has advice for you…they still will even 2 months after your wedding. It is rather annoying, but some of it is helpful…

Here are a few simple things that I did before and after my wedding that I think were reasonable and smart

  • Get your documents in order before the wedding
    • This for us was a pre-nup (which included selling the house upon separation), health care proxy, and a will.  These documents will be incredibly helpful if any of these bad things happen since they were created in a space that we were happy with each other and had clear minds.
  • Do not register for crap just because your mom says
    • My mother pushed me to add stuff to my registries because “people want to buy you stuff.” Yeah, they do…but most people gave us money and we had to return 4 sets of pint glasses to the store because they didn’t get knocked off the list.  I was told it was tacky, but seriously think about registering for your honeymoon or for experiences more.
  • Put someone in your wedding party who is there solely because you love them, not because you are obligated (family, they had you in their wedding, etc) to put in there.
    • My sisters both pissed me off that day. One of my bridesmaids, though, knew that I was pissed off and was able to make me laugh because she is my best friend and that is what they do.
  • Saving for something? Put all that money you get into a separate account
    • We have ours in a town 30 miles away so we actually have to get up and drive to go get it. You will get a lot of money…don’t blow it on the first thing that pops into your head.
  • Not changing your name? Tell your DJ every chance you get
    • I swear we told the DJ that I wasn’t changing my name. It is a slant rhyme and I wanted to keep mine rather than going through the hassle of changing everything and losing a bit of myself. HOWEVER, the DJ kept introducing us as Mr. and Mrs…there are a lot of amusing photos of us laughing hysterically about that.
  • Most importantly, breathe!
    • There were moments when I cried or got into a fight with anyone and everyone, but it was worth it. Just keep breathing.



Weddings are a very involved thing…

So, about 2 months ago, I got married to my boyfriend of almost 15 years (our dating anniversary is now 5 days after our wedding date)…and we (stupidly) thought that it would be easier because we have been together for so long and didn’t want a huge event.

HOWEVER, other people had different ideas.

It is hard to stand firm in your decisions when both mothers are telling you that things are wrong or you are being a jerk…but it can be worth it.

We had an awesome Justice of the Peace, a great photographer, and a beautiful venue on a warm day complete with a rainbow during the ceremony.Image

Some things did go poorly, but the good outweighed the bad. I have learned how to write good nastygrams, though 🙂