Monthly Archives: January 2011

Work in Progress

I decided that I was going to try and create a quilt last year…and I knew it would take me a while. I didn’t think it would be this slow, though! 🙂

Cutting took the most work…but once that was over, it was just a matter of piecing together the top and adding the border.

Now, I am just waiting for my batting to arrive so that I can put the top, batting, and backing together and get this done! Its going to go on the full bed but I think my next quilt will be smaller…this seems so much bigger than it actually is.

New Beginnings

They say that it takes two weeks of doing something every day to make it a habit. Obviously, I have not been very successful at creating a few new habits in regards to writing or posting. Whoops!

I have vague resolutions for this year, only because I know that they often get forgotten or just fail.

  1. Enjoy hiking the Grand Canyon
  2. Finish up my kitchen
  3. Take more photos
  4. Apply for a higher job position
  5. Get more kudos for my current position

There are others…but this is a good start.