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Finishing All the Things


One of the best things about my job is that I get to see people’s reactions as they finally “get” history. Being able to explain things simple can be very difficult, especially when someone isn’t familiar with American history. When they understand events and connect them to today’s events? That is the best. (So are the high fives from kids, those are great).

One of the worst things about my job is that I work for the government so I am technically out of work right now. A week ago yesterday, we put up closed signs, set up our “out of office” messages, and said goodbye to each other until the New Year. We have been through this 3 times this year, 5 times since I’ve started working for the government. Last time it went passed a day, I was angry and frustrated…this time, I’ve tried to stay busy.

So far, I’ve finished four different projects that have been languishing around my house (some for over a year).  I have at least two quilts to put together and maybe one to dismantle and put back together in a different way. Since there is no end in sight, it might all get taken care of.


Website Angst


Recently, my web host Arvixe changed a few things in their set up. I thought I did everything correctly, but apparently not since our website is dead on arrival. ends up downloading instead of loading and no one at the company is able to help. They have no email support and their “live chat” is anything but. Doesn’t lead me anywhere. Their twitter account for “support” tells me they can’t do anything for me and that it is my computer’s fault for not being able to submit a ticket properly.

I really hate Arvixe. Anyone have any ideas on better places to park my domain?

So long…

Its been so long since I’ve been here, but I definitely need a place to write and not have people from certain quarters catching on. Its great to be super connected, but I think that there is a tipping point where it becomes more dangerous/worrisome than not.

One problem with my job is that while there are thousands of people who work in my “company” seasonally, the people who are permanent are few and far between and we know each almost every one else if only on the periphery. I can easily play 6 degrees of x with anyone and make the connection in probably 3 jumps.

Makes it hard to have a bad day.

The other problem is that if you HAVE a bad day or are a bit cynical, you are definitely looked down upon. They want chipper people, even if that means that they aren’t the smartest or best qualified for their positions. And I am definitely not that anymore.

Either way, I’ll be back. It is good to have a place to my own. Even if no one else is really listening…

The Zakim

There are a lot of ugly things in the city, but not this bridge. The Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge is one of the largest cable stay suspension bridges in the world. At one point, it was part of the largest construction project in the world, the Big Dig, until the hotel in Dubai surpassed it. Today, it acts as the gateway into Boston from the North and is lovely at night.



Last week, I had the pleasure of seeing the USS Constitution “sail” through Boston Harbor for the last time for the next 3 years.  The weather was glorious and I timed it just perfectly to be able to see the ship as she passed Faneuil Hall and Old North Church.

edited moody

Also got to hear the Dropkick Murphys as they played on the deck.


Sooo many people were on board the ship, over 500 people.  When I went on my turnaround, there were many fewer people and you could wander the deck a lot easier.


The Constitution then fired a 17-gun salute near the Coast Guard base.  When she was built and launched, it was around that part of the North End.  Hearing the cannons was fun, but you could also feel it inside your knees.


pano big

Road Tripping Through New England

Took a road trip up to Saint Gaudens National Historical Site in Cornish, NH. Attempted to get to Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller too, but their signage SUCKS!!! But we managed to walk around the town and drove around the entire park site, so that counts as a visit in my mind.

The Robert Gould Shaw/54th Regiment Memorial in Cornish, NH.

The park property is gorgeous and the staff that greeted us today were quite enthusiastic. Only $5/person to get in and tromp about the grounds. I would love to go back and go along the trails that they have as well. We had limited time since we planned on hitting 2 parks today, but only got to one. And then we got tired and hungry and cranky. lol. The whole site, though provides beautiful photos.


I only wish that we had gotten there before 1 p.m. Its a long drive up, especially with leaf peepers, but there was a ton of rain today and it made everyone move even slower. The season ends at the end of the month, so we’ll have to wait until 2015 to go back again.