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New York, New York

23 hours…that is how much time I just recently spent in New York City with the sole intent of getting myself into a taping of The Colbert Report. I had been to a taping of The Daily Show earlier this year and had jumped on tickets for TCR when I saw them available. Unfortunately, my boyfriend couldn’t go because of work training so one of my co-workers came with me.

The show was fabulous. Stephen is a sweet guy and extremely funny. The people running the show were mostly good to great. The only problem was that I didn’t have enough time to go see all the other stuff I wanted to see! Always a problem.

A picture of the stage set… I got yelled at for taking this photo by one of the security guys, but I love it anyways:


Can anyone figure out what the middle part of this graffiti is? I think it could be a spaceship or perhaps a mutant lobster?


Ghost Town

So, I haven’t been updating here at all lately. This is because of a few things…
* I am taking 2 classes at school, one which meets twice a week for 3 hours and the other meets from 9 till 4. Takes an hour to get there, an hour to get back. Huge time suck.
* I am in the process of trying to buy a home. This is incredibly stressful as part of the basement has a huge asbestos covered oil heater. Arg! And the deck is pulling off of the house.
* Working 3 days a week and getting projects piled on top of me. This is a good thing, but means a lot of work…
* Just plain depression.

So, I will try to be better…I saw an awesome video that anyone interested in preservation should take a gander at and a bunch of cool pictures to come of some archaeology. For now, I shall leave you a picture from somewhere in Boston…

I thought that left when I was 4?
I thought that left when I was 4?


DSCF0120Got through yet another wedding the other day. This one was fun since I didn’t have to give any speeches but got to be in the wedding party and see a friend who I’ve know for her entire life get married. It was quite nice…the crepes at the end of the ceremony were sooo tasty.

As reminders from the wedding, I have a huge bruise on my left shin (I ran into a large piece of marble while jumping from one room to the other), some blisters on both feet from standing during the ceremony too long, a swollen toe from someone stomping me, and a lot of great photos.

Thankfully, no weddings until August again…now, I just have to slog my way through my homework. Yuck.

New things

Today I did a few new things.
1. I went to a National Park I’ve never been to, Saugus Iron Works. It was quite fun because I got a personalized tour, saw some frogs and swallows, had a nail made just for me, and almost caught on fire. How great, right?
2. I took a lot of pictures…while that isn’t new, it was of stuff I haven’t taken pictures of before. So that counts.
My creation
3. I had a tire blow out on me while going a bit over the speed limit. No one at the tire shop can figure out how I did this because the damage is to the edge of the tire rather than on the tread itself. It came off quite easily for a tire and we had to replace them soon anyways so we are halfway there.

Oh well…tomorrow I have a wedding that I am participating in. One of my fake relatives is getting hitched and it will be a fantastic event. Chocolate, wine, love, and family…you really can’t go wrong!

Sights and sounds of Eastie

I have been trying for months to see the Osprey that nest in Belle Isle Marsh…but have never been able to see any until today. This one was just lazily flying around, probably trying to see if he could catch some lunch somewhere…the marsh was fairly quiet except for the Red Winged blackbirds and the people establishing a new trail, probably for National Trail Day.


While walking home, I heard some interesting music and looked up to see this man on his front porch:

Accordion Player

He was playing the accordion. I love that my neighborhood has such diverse people in it…we have a garage band a few houses down, airplane pilots and attendants, students, families, and everything in between. Lovely way to end a walk.

A Day Spent

It wasn’t a great day, but it also wasn’t horrible.

Started out with me seeing Matt Lauer on TV and then Natalie Morales in front of Faneuil Hall.

Then, a trip to Dorchester Heights to wait for a group that never showed up because of the flu.

While there, I found an egg with something still inside 😦

Then off to the Public Garden where I saw some birds attacking and eating a sparrow, yuck! And I think I saw a baby duck dying. He let me get real close, the mallards that were around him kept biting at him, he was shivering and not making any noise…it was slightly worrisome and sad.


And I ended my day in the Granary Burial Ground watching a squirrel nibble upon something on top of a gravestone.

So, not too bad a day. Got some sun, took some pictures…and didn’t get rained on.