Monthly Archives: April 2013


So, try as I might…I cannot read a pattern to save my life. I generally end up tap dancing my way through the pattern pieces because they aren’t as explicit as I would like them.  The photos/drawings usually suck, too.  I have most of the Regency dress finished. HOWEVER, that does not mean that I did it correctly! haha.

ImageSo this is supposed to be my bodice. I cut it about two sizes too big, because the pattern said to do so! haha…so I had to get my mom to help me and show me how to put in darts.  The darts are now up at the shoulders so they aren’t too obvious. There is also supposed to be a cord going through the bodice where it meets the skirt, but I totally didn’t understand that. Oh well.

Shoes shoes

Trying once again to win a pair of historical shoes from American Duchess. Could always use any type of shoe from 1630 to 1974, but Regency shoes would come in handy for those random times I have to portray War of 1812 events.  Hmm

They are pretty though…