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Now, I love trees. I especially like willow trees because of their grace…but when I moved into my apartment in Medford, I realized that willows are a pain in the ass. The one that was growing between my apartment and the one of the “Always Drunk, Mostly Stoned” neighbors clogged up the drain so badly that at times, the street would flood to above the level of an open car door. My car was flooded more than once because of this and every time it rains hard, I think to myself “Thank god I’m not living in Medford”.

However, in Somerville, there was a lot of bru-haha about cutting down a Willow tree. I’m not sure why the people think that using the courts for something like this is productive, based on the fact that he is going to replace the tree with one more condusive to the area/environment. Or that he kept the tree for so long in fairly good shape (willows are hard to keep up) and only took it down when it started to get dangerous. And seriously, naming the tree? I never knew so many animists lived in Somerville


Today is a good day.


My father has been in the hospital for 7 weeks being treated for Leukemia (AML specifically).  They let him go about 2 hours ago and now we can move forward onto the next steps of treatment.  This has been a horrible 7 weeks…hopefully the next steps will be easier.

Either way, today is a good day.


Picture 016

I really wish I could go hiking up along the ridgeline right now. Just get away from all this crap here and go out to the mountain where all that matters is putting one step in front of the other fast enough to get a good bunk at the hut and a seat at the dinner table. Preferably near the bread, since that is one of the best parts about the AMC huts.

It is actually one of my goals in life to own one of these signs. Each year, the Appalachian Mountain Club has an auction of “gently worn” signs as a fundraiser. I found out about it too late last year, but this year I am ready! I only hope that one of the signs will be for a trail that I’ve gone up. It isn’t a requirement, but it would be cool. However, if I can get a sign that is of a trail I’ve never been on, then I think a trip in the spring is necessary.


This is awesome! “Click, Clack, Moo” is an excellent book. My nephew adored it when he was smaller and then we got “Duck For President”, which is another excellent book.

I think kids sometimes get the better books, which is why we all loved reading Harry Potter and the Twilight series is so popular right now. I have a great set of books written by a woman named LJ Smith…while she hasn’t finished the last series (in about 3 years!), I’m still hopeful that she will and we’ll get some type of conclusion for all those vampires, witches, and shapeshifters.

Dear New England

Dear New England,

Can I just say how lovely it is to come home from work and an annoying class to view this image:


I know I shouldn’t be so giddy about it, but I thought that Maine and New Hampshire might sway the other way. I love us. Hopefully, we’ll see a lot more blue before the night is over.