Monthly Archives: September 2008

Strange Maps

I have no idea how I found this website, but it comes from another WordPress user. Strange Maps is a quirky blog that shows, well, strange maps! Today’s visit to their site showed the original SatNav tools that existed in Britain from the 1920s. Who knew that they made watches that you could put scrolls into and then go on a journey? Maybe this is where the people from TomTom and others got the idea?

Other interesting maps include the breakdown of what people in certain parts of the US call soda. Local nicknames are one of those unique things about a specific place (My grandparents called soda tonic) and make them more real.

Now excuse me, I have to go shiver and sneeze on the couch while watching “What Not to Wear” and lust after having people pick clothes that fit and match out for me.

Reality TV as Medicine…

I am sick…my boyfriend teaches 7th and 8th grade and one of his kids got him sick this week. And I finally have succumb to the ickness.

I generally don’t take pills because they knock me out completely, even if they say non-drowsy. My medicine of choice is usually chocolate chip cookies. With liberal doses of Law and Order and reality shows.

Today has been filled with ANTM and Chinese food 🙂 We’ll see if I feel well enough to go to work tomorrow.

A Tale of Extremes…

My job puts me into contact with a lot of different people from all over the world. I have met people from each continent except Antarctica and each state.

Some are sweet and love you the minute that you smile at them and ask if they need any help. Others come in with an attitude and will hate you the minute you open your mouth. The last two days, I have had more extremes come in than ever before. Maybe its the weather that is affecting people, who knows.

Today was the third time in two days that I have been yelled at by people because I wouldn’t give them extra maps. One man claimed that he had paid us for his maps and got rather angry when I told him that we did not sell our maps. Another one demanded 40 maps for his group…this one made me a little angrier because it was a German group and then he asked me to help him plan his tour out. I doubt they got a good tour.

Today’s winner, though, was a young man who is about to be married. He started off by praising the place I work and the maps that we have and then asked if he could have a whole big bunch. I gave him one and told him that he could photocopy it…and then 10 minutes later I was giving him the name of my supervisor because I wouldn’t give him (a taxpayer) all the maps that he wanted.  Such a jerk about it also…he threatened to go to my top boss. Doesn’t seem worth it, does it?

In the end, I won and he left. I think that my control of my temper and reaction to people getting mad at me have both improved incredibly this year because of work. Nothing like getting a slightly tougher skin, right?

The weather is turning…

Being from New England, you sometimes don’t get a lot of the Spring or Fall because Summer and Winter just barrel their way into your life. This year, however, we are enjoying a lovely fall so far. I can almost taste the cider donuts and have been planning my pumpkin design for this year.

I will be going down to part time starting this Monday (I think (Our schedules are slightly weird)) and if that happens, then I am going to make a trip to the old local farm to get donuts and visit with the sheeps.  And cows.  And llamas. And piggies. I love me some farms 🙂

I think I’ll have to find some local event to go to around here…maybe someone has cool decorations on their houses? Who knows!

First Post

Was it supposed to be this hot today?

Anyways, I thought I would start up again somewhere new. Livejournal seems to have lost its shine and interest for a lot of people and I like that this company isn’t owned by a Russian company.

Right now I am trying to juggle:

  1. Full time job (40 hours plus travel time)
  2. 2 classes a week (6 hours plus travel time)
  3. A soon to come internship (10 hours plus travel time)
  4. Homework (The Horror!)
  5. Seeing my significant other
  6. Possibly seeing my family
  7. And breathing

Every time I look at this list, my brain just spirals out of control.

Other things I want to do in the next few months include:

  • Going up to the top of the Customs House in Boston and taking pictures
  • Visiting 2 new museums somewhere
  • Watching a Pow Wow
  • Getting a good internship position
  • Start get to ball rolling on buying a house