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Got anything interesting?
Got anything interesting?

I’ve been craving farm time lately, so I drove up to Smolak Farms today to get my yearly fix of donuts and animals.

Its so nice to be able to go someplace like this, even if it is a bit further than it used to be. I adore sheep…and the llamas are quite amusing, also. But best of all are the cider donuts…warm cider donuts are one of the best things in the world. If you have the chance to go to a farm and get some, do it. AND, you’ll be supporting a local business owner and local farm to boot! How much better could it get? 🙂

The weather is turning…

Being from New England, you sometimes don’t get a lot of the Spring or Fall because Summer and Winter just barrel their way into your life. This year, however, we are enjoying a lovely fall so far. I can almost taste the cider donuts and have been planning my pumpkin design for this year.

I will be going down to part time starting this Monday (I think (Our schedules are slightly weird)) and if that happens, then I am going to make a trip to the old local farm to get donuts and visit with the sheeps.  And cows.  And llamas. And piggies. I love me some farms 🙂

I think I’ll have to find some local event to go to around here…maybe someone has cool decorations on their houses? Who knows!