So long…

Its been so long since I’ve been here, but I definitely need a place to write and not have people from certain quarters catching on. Its great to be super connected, but I think that there is a tipping point where it becomes more dangerous/worrisome than not.

One problem with my job is that while there are thousands of people who work in my “company” seasonally, the people who are permanent are few and far between and we know each almost every one else if only on the periphery. I can easily play 6 degrees of x with anyone and make the connection in probably 3 jumps.

Makes it hard to have a bad day.

The other problem is that if you HAVE a bad day or are a bit cynical, you are definitely looked down upon. They want chipper people, even if that means that they aren’t the smartest or best qualified for their positions. And I am definitely not that anymore.

Either way, I’ll be back. It is good to have a place to my own. Even if no one else is really listening…

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