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Boston Harbor Islands

Stopped by the Harbor Islands the other day and took about 100 photos. Hopefully I will win a contest that is being run 🙂

This is the best photo I took that day.



Blurry as heck Snowy Owl

Blurry as heck Snowy Owl

Found a snowy owl down the street! So excited. Next time, I’m taking binoculars. Thanks to the people who told me where to look.

Sights and sounds of Eastie

I have been trying for months to see the Osprey that nest in Belle Isle Marsh…but have never been able to see any until today. This one was just lazily flying around, probably trying to see if he could catch some lunch somewhere…the marsh was fairly quiet except for the Red Winged blackbirds and the people establishing a new trail, probably for National Trail Day.


While walking home, I heard some interesting music and looked up to see this man on his front porch:

Accordion Player

He was playing the accordion. I love that my neighborhood has such diverse people in it…we have a garage band a few houses down, airplane pilots and attendants, students, families, and everything in between. Lovely way to end a walk.